Best tips to gain your Facebook followers

Facebook followers are people who have opted-in to “follow” your profile or page, meaning that they will receive your updates in their timeline. … The most common way: when people like your page, according to Facebook’s default settings, they become followers as well. There are so many methods to gain your Facebook account popularity and hit more engagements and reach on your Personal, Business pages as per the rules. Such as you can take a step initiate with Paid Promotions, Daily post something specific, Make active users, Always give convenient answers with the relevant information and with proper references and many more.

Some methods were given below:

#1.  Disable your Friend Request from Facebook: This option is available in your Facebook profile settings. This means to increase your followers rather than accepting any personal friend request you can use the Follow method. Remove the Add Friend title from your profile so that people can come and follow you.

#2.  Post some information and knowledgeable topic: This means that whenever you trying to post something on your facebook page always use some relevant topic and a good source of knowledge that you want to share with the users. “Give and take” is a process which every human being wants and craves; when you’re not adding anything to a person’s life you’ll eventually be caught off or ignored. For that, you can use relevant hashtags which helps you to increase your content popularity amongst search engines and many more.

#3.  Always shared an update with Public: Most of the time when the users come and they see only a few content and posts on your profile which means you can share your post either with some of your custom friends or else make it private. So before you share any topic on your profile or page always share with a good audience and make it public so that everyone can read and view that and give their feedbacks according to the post and topic.

#4.  Use Facebook Subscribe: You can also add the subscribe button of the Facebook widget on your blog or website. This is considered the best way to get subscribers to your Facebook page especially if your website is getting a huge amount of traffic at all times. For that, you need to go to your Facebook developer site and develop any Facebook subscribe widget for your site and copy that code and paste it on your website. That will keep an eye on every subscriber and increase visitors.

#5.  Comment on some Famous Celebrity’s status: As we all know that facebook is a platform where we can easily connect with millions and even more than those people within fractions of seconds. So if you follow any page or someone connected with you on Facebook who is in a good position or in a Hollywood Industry you can take help from there as well to increase your followers. From there you can comment on anything very unique, catchy and belongs to your intelligence. This will attract other people those who follow various other celebrities and when they saw your comment they will visit your profile and love to interact with you because of your comment section.

#6.  Keep your Account Update: Most people do not love to send requests to those whose profile picture does not appear on their wall or there were no activities on their facebook wall. People may consider itself as a Fake account, so rather than using this you can always use Authentic name, Proper posts, Relevant comments, No bad communication, Positive mind thoughts and keep yourself always calm and cool. People need to feel secure before they can love and have friends on Facebook; Trust is the most important commodity in this business. The more your Facebook profile looks more complete and mature, the more people will trust and may likely subscribe you. Your Facebook profile is the most important in your Facebook account; it contains important details about you, starting from details about who you are and what you have to offer to prospective friends who might eventually view your profile. Fill all the important details that are needed on your profile, especially your profile picture. Put a face to the name. You just have to prove that you’re not a robot or a spammer who is out to con people of their valuables online.

By filling all the needed details on your Facebook you will single-handily start seeing an increment in subscribers.


About: Himanshu Chaudhary

As a brainstormer and specialist, I do understand the hard work and perfection is a must which shows your work even better. Alongside my clients, I uncover the obstacles they face and trying to solve them. In short, I couldn’t help appreciating your beautiful imagination.