How to configure your Yahoo Mails on Ms Outlook

10 Jan

Yahoo mail provides email services freely to all the users where you can come signup and go ahead with Yahoo interface. As per the 2011 report, there were 250+ billion, active users, whereas Yahoo was also the third-largest webmail service in this entire internet world. Whereas Outlook provides you with the best and simplest easy interface to configure outlook mails very easily. From there you can also go ahead with same functions such as Mail send, Forwarding, Reply to All and many more.

Follow the steps to configuring Yahoo Mail with Outlook:

#1.  At the very initial stage, Open your yahoo account at Yahoo official website.

#2.  Click at the top right side corner of the screen where your name is visible and go to Account Info.

#3.  Click on Account Security. Enter your yahoo password again for a small verification.

#4.  Next page when you scroll down you will see Generate App Passwords. Tap on it. At the bottom you will see Outlook Desktop> Click on it.

#5. You will see some specific password of 16 alphabets> Done. Next, open you Outlook> Enter the email> Connect.

#6.  Where you will see the password option just enter the App-Specific Password rather than your personal yahoo password> Click Ok. Within a few minutes, your Yahoo account is sync and linked with Outlook.

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