How to enable Two-Factor authentication in twitter

Twitter is the most important platform provided free to all of us. On the one side, where we can connect with many friends and politicians and on another side you can also share your tweets, ideas, suggestions and many other ideas in the shape of a tweet. Twitter was launched in 2017 where the character limit will be defined of 140 characters. Whereas, 2FA is a function provided by every social media to keep more secured the platform from unauthorised people those who do hacking and illegal activities very easily.

To enable the 2FA to follow the steps:

#1.  First, you need to open your Twitter account or if you have not then create it by clicking here.

#2.  After this, you need to tap to More appear at the bottom right side of your screen and tap to Settings and privacy.

#3.  Go to Account> Security. At the very top, you will see Two Factor Authentication click on it.

#4.  Select using Text message on every login activity> Get Started> Enter the password> Select the county> Give your contact number.

#5.  After this, it will ask you to enter the code came on your cell. Enter the code in the blank spaces. After this, your 2FA is enabled and you will receive an email on your registered email address.


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