How to get backup codes in Facebook

Facebook is a multinational industry that gains its popularity amongst all the users within a few years only. Nowadays, the most concise and important scenario that we all focused on is Security concerns. The major aspect behind every organization is to lie on true security and simplicity. Security is important because when you are live on the internet and provide your services to all the users this must be very important to get the latest security system installed inside the company which gives more options such as 2FA, Backup codes, Authorised Logins, Logout sessions after a period of time, and many more. So I believe that backup codes are the most important assessment that facebook produces for all of its users.


To get Backup codes to follow the steps:

1.  At the very first stage, you need to turn on your Two-step Verification. If you did not turn it on then click here.

2.  When you finally turn on your 2FA then open your Facebook account > Settings.

3.  Click on Security> Two Factor Authentication> Tap Recovery Codes.

4.  From there you can generate your recovery codes and save the file in your Google Keep, Google Notes or email or notepad as per your choice.

To cancel your previous codes and generate a new set of codes:

1.  Open your Facebook account> Tap to settings and follow the same steps as given above.

2.  Tap to Security> Two-step Verification> Recovery codes and then tap on Get New codes.

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