How to open any program using Run Command

Run section is a preinstalled section which is available in every MS windows nowadays. It helps us to make our work very easy by using some commands and hit enter or press Ok, it opened the same dialogue box in front of us as per our requirement. But most of the programs such as Skype, Office, Excel, Word or any other app if you are using then it would not be open directly from the run. So today’s post is all about to let you know how we are able to open any of our program using run section without any command just by the name of the program.

To open any program using Run follow the methods:

#1.  First, you need to press Ctrl+R which open a run section near to your taskbar and type regedit and press Enter.

#2.  Then just browse the following path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths. Else you open regedit and directly paste the above path there at the top which opens the exact path without clicking any program in sequence.

#3.  Where you can see all the installed programs on your computer. Now you need to Press right-click on App Paths> Key. Give the name of that folder firefox.exe.

#4.  By giving a name to that key next you will see a Default file appear on the right side of your screen. Open that file and browse the path of your firefox.exe from your C drive> Ok. Where paste that path in Path section of default and press Ok. You will see that path would be shown to your screen.

#5.  Next, you need to tap right click on right side empty pane and select New > String Value. In value data, you need to give the path name of your program> Ok.

#6.  Now restart your system and open run section and type firefox in run section. You will see that firefox is ready to open on your screen.

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