How to report any Sucidal post on Facebook

Social media and suicide have an important relationship. In one widely known case, the death of Phoebe Prince, it is generally believed that her actions were motivated by cyberbullying. In 2008 police in the United Kingdom expressed concern that “Internet cults” and the desire for achieving prestige via online memorials may encourage suicides. Vincent Nichols, the Archbishop of Westminster, has warned that popular social networking sites lead young people to form “transient relationships” which put them at risk of suicide when they collapse. One of the rising research questions being asked by psychologists is where kids are getting the idea of suicidal tendencies. One of the explanations that have risen is the cause and effect relationship between social media advertised suicides and younger generations being influenced by them. One of the reasons behind kids being influenced by suicide tendencies via the internet is the psychological explanation behind “fifteen minutes of fame.” Media tends to blow up videos and Facebook status’ in order to inform the public of the rising trouble. However, the media has yet to take into consideration the bandwagon appeal it brings to the young and immature minds of teenagers. Learning that an action like this can give a teenager, “fifteen minutes of fame” influence other teens who might feel under-appreciated to do the same thing in order to gain attention. There was a research study conducted by the School of Public Health at the University of Sydney, Australia. This study was conducted in order to research whether there is a correlation between suicidal ideation and social media exposure to suicide stories among young adults (14-24). The study concluded that one of the most mentioned sources of suicide stories were social websites. This in mind, there was also reported a rise in feelings of hopelessness and suicidal tendencies among the participants surveyed. (Dunlop, More, and Romer 2009) [Wikipedia]
Recently Facebook started a tool to prevent Suicides if victim posted any suicidal status on Facebook. If your any friend or family member any such thing like this then you can save his/her life by taking simple steps; just reporting his/her status to Facebook Team. You also check this page on Facebook about Suicide Prevention. There are two ways to report Facebook regarding this matter. The first way is effective (according to me), recommend and easy also. But, I mention all two steps. It is up to you, which one you used (if in this situation) Ultimatepctech

The very First Method:

#1.  First of all, you need to click on this link here and this link will redirect you to the Facebook official page where you can mark your query against any user who seems to attempt anything worst.

#2.  Fill the entire form carefully and hit the Submit button after checking out everything in detail.

The Second Method:

#1.  First of all, you need to open your Facebook Profile and there on the wall if you see any post which seems to be pretend as a suicidal then you can simply click on the Down arrow on the post. From there choose any option “I don’t like this post“.

#2.  Then a popup will appear. Select an option I think it shouldn’t be on FacebookContinue.

#3.  From there also few options came on your screen such as Voilational, Threatening, Suicidal > Continue.

#4.  At last, select Suicidal Content or you can choose Self-harm option too> Continue.

#5.  Finally, Facebook will show you further options as per the report has given above i.e. Offer help or support, Reach out to a friend, Ask us to look at this post, Chat with the trained helper, Call lifeline, etc. It depends on your country and region where you are living. As per your report, they gonna call you for further details if they left something or something is missed during the report.

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