How to turn off your Active status from LinkedIn

Active status is a factor which helps the user to count his online activity status whether he is Online, Offline, Message seen or not. The active status also shows your friends and colleagues that you're active at a few seconds back on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or anywhere. Moreover, if you do not want that anyone knows about your active status on Social media then this method will be very helpful for you. On LinkedIn also you can get rid of the active status.

Follow the steps:

#1.  First of all, you need to sign in with your LinkedIn account. Tap on your picture (Me) appears on the right side top of the screen.

#2.  From there you can choose Settings & Privacy. A new window open next to the current one. Tap on Privacy. Scroll down and you will see Manage Active Status where you can select for All LinkedIn users, The people those were in your connection and No one.

#3.  To get away from online status select No One and the settings were automatically saved in your LinkedIn profile. Below there were few more options also available you can also see and use them as per your ideology.

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