How to turn on Voice input in Google Keyboard

Google Keyboard is officially developed by Google in 2016. Google keyboard does not need any introduction to define what exactly it is how it works and why we use Gboard. Gboard is a virtual keyboard that gains its popularity with gestures, dictionary, sync words, phrases, sentences and many more. Nowadays, Gboard has almost used in 16 billion+ devices with several other major and minor changes. We use the keyboard for type a message, send GIFs, Images, Attachments and many more by using one single click. You can update the very latest version of Gboard from your playStore. There were so many other keyboards were also who took advantage and regains the same features such as Gboard have. But at a certain stage, they were not might so popular due to several factors and reasons. Swift Keyboard, TouchPal, Slash Keyboard and many more were available. But being familiar and user-friendly I recommend using Gboard.


To Turn on Voice input follow the steps:

1.  First of all, you need to update your Gboard from PlayStore.

2.  After updating just tap on Settings of your Android device > Language and Input > Gboard.

3.  After you click on Gboard you can see many options appear on your screen such as lang., Preferences and many more. Their bottom you can see an option voice typing. Tap on it.

4.  Just enable it from the top. After go to your Home screen open any messaging app and you will see just the left-hand side corner you will review the voice input option.

5.  For changing Theme you can go to Theme and change the color as per your choice or theme in dark or light.

6.  To turn on emoji’s on Gboard tap to preferences and enable Show emojis in symbols keyboard.

7.  If you want to add Gboard as per your own region lang such as in Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese or many more then Tap on languages > Add a keyboard and select language as per your choice.

Note: This option will require an Internet connection to download the Gboard on your phone.

8.  It’s not an end of the Gboard because it contains so many more other settings and gestures and Auto Capitalisation so for them, you can also view and further options in it and mark your changes as per your own choice.

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