I have been working in the IT industry close to 6 years. A tech savvy who works closely with the
    IT Engineers to solve the issues pertaining to all kinds of servers.

About Me

A tech savvy who works closely with the IT Engineers to solve the issues pertaining to system's and software management. I closely work and help the clients to build their businesses with less performance issues. I periodically participate in the brainstorm sessions with my fellow colleagues and add values to my start-up blogging site and we provide optimum solutions.

I love to be part of team or can be an individual contributor too to learn something fascinating and tremendous. I’m also running my personal web portal as a Technical Blogger with the name "Rapid Hacek". Rapid Hacek is your one stop destination for all kinds of technical blogs, help and support,troubleshooting and various other phenomena’s in IT world. I also create technical videos to help our clients to grow their daily businesses. The SEO techniques used by Rapid Hacek is unique in its own way.

Do drop in @rapidhacek to know more about what we are doing. The brain behind Rapid Hacek is Himanshu Chaudhary, who clearly understands client’s requirements and provides timely solutions. You are just one call, one email away from Himanshu Chaudhary. Do not hesitate to contact team Rapid Hacek for any kind of technical assistance.



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