The Best Password Manager tools in 2019

The password manager is a very authentic and secured wallet where users were entering their choice of password and saved ample of the password by using one click. Nowadays, everything is highly computerized and digitalized rather than choosing a default password of each and every single platform they want a handy manager which autofill the password as per the site using one single tap. So, overall it plays a very important and crucial role as per the major and minor security aspects. Depending on the type of password manager used and on the functionality offered by its developers, the encrypted database is either stored locally on the user’s device or stored remotely through an online file-hosting service. Password managers typically require a user to generate and remember one “master” password to unlock and access any information stored in their databases.

The best tools for the passwords in 2019 and coming 2020 were:

1.  LastPass: It is the most trusted and authentic platform which gives every user to enter their credentials using a secured master password, generate an online password as per the number of characters, different options were available such as Alphanumeric characters, symbols, digits, special characters and many more. So, LastPass gains its popularity due to its features, good user interface, smarter encrypted forms of passwords and many more. A user’s content in LastPass, including passwords and secure notes, is protected by one master password. The content is synchronized to any device the user uses the LastPass software or app extensions on. Information is encrypted with AES-256 encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256, salted hashes, and the ability to increase password iterations value. Encryption and decryption take place at the device level. Compatibility with iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows.

2.  DashLane: A password manager is a must. Unless you’re using the same password for everything (not recommended) or have a truly phenomenal memory, your productivity can benefit from a place to store all your passwords and easily use them whenever necessary. Dashlane is a robust password manager with additional room for your various IDs, credit cards and other payment methods, receipts, and notes. It comes with an auto-fill feature for online forms to which you can add different addresses, phone numbers, and other personal information you’re tired of typing repeatedly. There are two features that make Dashlane stand out when compared to both LastPass and KeePass: Its beautiful and easy-to-use interface, and its optional cloud syncing. Compatibility with iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows.

3.  1Password: 1Password is a password manager developed by AgileBits Inc. It provides a place for users to store various passwords, software licenses, and other sensitive information in a virtual vault that is locked with a PBKDF2-guarded master password. 1Password has never been hacked. If it was, your passwords and sensitive information would still be safe. And, while we don’t ever want to be hacked, we’ve made sure you’ll remain safe even if we were. As a result, every single decision at 1Password starts with evaluating the safety and privacy of your data. 1Password creates strong, unique passwords for you, remembers them, and logs you into your favorites sites with a single click. Compatibility with iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows.

4.  Keeper Security Password Manager: The Files and passwords in Keeper can be synced, backed up in the cloud, encrypted with a 256-bit AES key derived from the user’s master password using PBKDF2. Every record in the user’s private vault is encrypted and stored with a unique encryption key. Keeper also addresses the problem of password fatigue, by auto-filling login and password fields with stored information. Sharing passwords between Keeper users is performed using 2048-bit RSA encryption. This manager is all in cloud-based which helps you to sync your data, gives authentic features with good security key features, easy to use and high customer satisfaction. You can access your Keeper vault on a desktop through its stand-alone applications, its browser extensions or its website. Keeper has done an excellent job of mirroring the desktop experience on its website; the two are virtually identical in appearance and functionality. Compatibility with iOS, Mac, Linux Android and Windows.

5.  BitWarden: Bitwarden is a free and open-source password management service that stores sensitive information such as website credentials in an encrypted vault. The Bitwarden platform offers a variety of client applications including a web interface, desktop applications, browser extensions, mobile apps, and a CLI. The browser extension vault (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Safari, & more). Bitwarden password manager is the easiest and safest way to store all of your logins and passwords while conveniently keeping them synced between all of your devices. Bitwarden has become a popular choice among open-source software advocates.

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